Current Local Radar

Lightning can strike you from 10 to 12 miles away.
The RED , ORANGE and BLUE circles around Grayslake are “mile” rings.
RED=6 miles
ORANGE=9 miles
BLUE=12 miles.
When a storm cell(s) enter the BLUE circle, you should be thinking about leaving the outdoors.
When a storm cell(s) enter the ORANGE circle, being outside is a risk to a lightning strike.
When a storm cell(s) enter the RED circle, being outside is becoming a candidate for the Darwin Award.
All outdoor activity should cease until after 30 minutes from the last lightning stroke is detected over 12 miles from you.
My weather station has a Lightning Detector and it’s status can be found HERE listed in the icons shown.
Be sure to tune into the NWS for up to the minute storm information. Data here should not be used for protection of life since this page can go “out of date” with Internet failures.